These limited stages that appear occasionally is a single showdown between you and a powerful large boss. They have a massive amount of damage reduction, attack, HP, and even a OHKO attack. They cannot be inflicted with any statuses except buffs/debuffs. To be prepared, your party should have at least 400k attack, and your lead/friend should have much higher attack. For lower leveled players, prepare A LOT of Challenge Tickets for retries.

I came to have some fun! (UFO Z)

Ufo HP:20,000,000 on events, 2,000,000,000 on regular basis.

OHKO: Abduction (1 unit)

I'm the KING of Forest!! (Beetle)

Forest HP: 888,888,888

OHKO: King Minion swoop (can kill 1 or more units)

I'm the QUEEN of Sky!! (Blimp Penguin)

Queen HP:50,000,000

Rec x10

OHKO: Giant Bomb detonation (wait 2 turns) (deals 600000 damage)

I'm the Primitive Guardian!! (Triceratops)

Guardian HP: 888,888,888

Attack stats increase

OHKO: Curse of Death (tail slams, multiple units)

I'm The Lord of Waterfront! (Hippo)

Lordw HP:600,000,000

  • Starts with 800% stats boost (can be negated with Commander
  • Rec


  • OHKO: Big fat Squasher (Multiple units), every 3rd turn

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