Milkshake Servants (使用人) are additional units that support your Hero/Members. 4.2.0 introduced their presence. They provide a little of healing, damage, or other things that can save you in some cases. They follow your Hero and influence others in their range. They disappear when Hero is knocked out. ☆3 Servants are exclusive to Premium Slots. ☆2 and more common ones rarely drop in event stages in Platinum Chests. Lower rarity lower effect. The HP and attack stats are added to your Hero.

Servants can be upgraded too. Same norms from upgrading every other item applies: Dupes are worth x2 points and free to use.

5.7.0 introduced Exploring, an option to choose a Servant to obtain items. The items brought back are most likely common and become rarer the more upgraded Servant is exploring.

Redball in 6.0.0, certain Servants can evolve. Those Servants are able to do more than simple help. To evolve, they are required a certain amount of ★3 Mystic Red Ball (神秘の赤玉), found in Exploring.

Other Servants, most under ★3, are obtainable elsewhere during events. They always are contained in Platinum Boxes, if obtainable.

The following symbols indicate their skill:

  • ♥ Heal 10% (Servant's atk)
  • ⛨ Guard ~15% (Servant's atk)
  • ✦ Attack 100% (Servant's atk)
  • ↑ Atk boost 100% (Servant's atk)
  • ▽ Ground Servant
  • ✠ De-spell status
  • ☠ Poisoning (Max stack:1)
  • E Can evolve
  • + Servant skill is enhanced (by evolution). Their attacks are often changed to optimize on usefulness.

Servants ★3 (Slots)

























Mont Blanc⛨▽










Sugar Plum (NY only)✠▽


Fruit Punch (NY only)☠▽




Panna Cotta (パンナコッタ)✦2▽

NOTE: ✦ Attackers are always Rock (exception of ★2 Petit Phoenix and ★4 Burning Phoenix, who are Paper), and every other effects are Paper attribute, except for ☠ type Servants, who are Scissors.

Evolved Servants (★4)

Burning Phoenix (ユーリンチー)✦+ Advanced Eclair (エクレア・進)♥+ Advanced Macaroon (マカロン・進)♥♥ Advanced Torte (トルテ・進)♥+


★1 Phrase (フレーズ)♥ ★2 Galette (カレット)♥ ★2 Petit Phoenix (プチリンチー)✦▽E ★2 Ange (アンジェ)
★2 Milk Shake (ミルクセーキ)♥ ★2 Zucchero Dolce (ズーハドルチェ)✦▽ ★2 Biscuit Sand (ビスキュイサンド)✦▽


★1 Muffin (マフィン)♥ ★1 Ring Girl (リングガール)♥ ★1 Panzee (パン爺)⛨▽ ★2 Chocolate Muffin (チョコマフィン)✦ ★1 Chestnut Cake (くりまんじゅう)♥▽
★1 Santa Panzee (パン爺サンタ)⛨▽ ★2 Biscuit (ビスケット)♥▽ ★2 999 Galette (カレット999)✦▽ ★2 SP Ange (アンジェSP)↑ ★2 Marron Glace (マロングラッセ)♥▽
★2 King Jr. (王者ジュニア)✦ ★2 UFO Z (飛行物体Z)⛨ ★2 Crown Galette (王冠カレット)♥ ★2 Child Guardian (子番人)↑▽ ★2 Chibi Ladurée (プチラデュレ)✦
★2 Chibi Ange (リトルアンジェ)⛨ ★2 Chibi Herme (エルメスイート)♥ ★2 Puri Puri (プリプリ)✦▽ ★1 Phrase Jelly (フレーズジュレ)✦▽

Collaboration Servants

★1 (ネコキューピット) Cupid Cat★1 (めたぼん) Metabon★1 (コパピー) Kopapi★2 (キュゥべえ) Kyubey♥▽ ★1 (ロジコマ) Logicoma✦▽
★2 (たまドラ) Tamadra★1 (たいが) Taiga↑▽ ★1 (さくら) Sakura↑▽ ★1 (玉子の妖精) Egg Fairy★1 (ガチャピン) Gachapin♥▽
★1 (ムック) Mook♥▽ ★1 (ペンペン) Pen Pen♥▽ ★2 (お菓子の魔女の手下) Minion of the Desert Witch♥▽ ★2 (薔薇園の魔女の手下) Minion of the Rose Garden Witch✦▽ ★2 (警備ロボット) Security Robot⛨▽
★2 (ブラックハヤテ号) Black Hayate♥▽ ★3 (はちゅねミク) Hachune Miku♥▽ ★3 (いりや) Illya↑▽ ★3 (ベベ) Bebe↑▽ ★3 Rabbit Yukine♥▽E
★3 Ms. Saotome♥▽ ★2 Tiny♥▽E ★2 Dark Feather✦▽E ★3 Elizabeth♥▽ ★2 Hawk✦▽

Stats Chart

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