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Puella Magi Madoka Magica collab features the 5 Magical Girls and 2 in their goddess form. Their abilities focus on hitting weakspots for generous amounts of damage. 6.1.0 introduced Rebellion Story Stage, where the Nutcracker Witch is the boss at the end.

In these collab stages, Ultimate Madoka always lands critical hits. All Madoka Magica Members will deal double damage in The Nutcracker Witch.


Madoka Kaname Ultimate Madoka Homura Akemi Akuma Homura Glasses Homura
I failed
Kyoko Sakura Mami Tomoe Sayaka Miki Nagisa Momoe Ribbon Homura


  • DRESSES:Sayaka Miki Costume Hpd

+5400, Mami Tomoe Costume Royalt +138, Kyoko Sakura Costume Atkd +1800, Homura Akemi Costume Refd +1260, Nagisa Momoe Costume Royalt +114, Mitakihara Junior High School Uniform Critd +2320, Law of Cycles Dress Costume Pb +60, Homura Black Dress CostumePb +84, Akuma Homura Costume Critd +3040, Madoka White Dress Costume Pb +96

  • WEAPONS (Everything Atk

+2760):Mami Gun, Kyoko Spear, Sayaka Sword, Madoka Bow, Homura Guns


  • Roll 20 times and receive Minion of the Rose Witch
  • Roll 30 times and receive an exclusive Madoka Magica Plus Can.


Servants (Platinum Box loot)

  • Kyubey (The Witch's Banquet)
  • Minion of the Desert Witch (The Nutcracker Witch)


  • This collab was introduced as a promotion of the release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion (2013) in special pack and Blueray.
  • On Battle 4, all Members including the Princess are silhouettes. PPS members are outlined green, Magical Girls their corresponding color, and the princess herself, pink.
  • If Homura Akemi is on your kick party, she will run to the center after you defeat Kreimhild Gretchen on Witch's Banquet
  • Charlotte on Battle 2 attacks almost exactly the same in the original Madoka Magica Series; it bites the head of the Member (imagine it attacking Mami lol) and instantly kills it.

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