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Nohead Origin


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Attribute Rock JP Name 巴マミ
Ideal use Beatstick Rarity ★6 Occupation/Type "Magical Girl"
Skill 1:"Tiro Finale"

2:"Tiro Grand Finale"




1:Same as TAP

2:(w/weap) TIRO - FINALE!!!

TAP ATK (LVL5) 600%x1 (shot) TURN ATK (LVL5) 1:600%x1 (shot)

2:2040% (explosion)

Description She finally got her head back in the game. She is similar but significant in damage to Mechanic. It is preferred to equip her with her weapon so enemies can go out with a BANG!
Range Weakpoint Priority Air Atk Displacement
1:∞; 2:2-Omni Seek/Auto 1:1; 2:Center-most Yes
Obtained from... Beginnings Slot, Rebellion Slot
Specials -Equipping her with her weapon (obtainable in The Nutcracker Witch stage) inc. her stats by 1.5x and change to Skill 2.

-Has her head

Kanma Oktvse Nohead Dnwasfoo Nagisa
I failed Svlwocy Glasshomura Akuma Ribbonhomura

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