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Welcome to the Princess Punt Sweets WikiEdit

"Princess Punt Sweets" (ケリ姫スイーツ) is the second series of the original "princess punt" game by GungHo Online Entertainment,Inc. It is a hybrid of angry birds and RPG.

Current versionEdit

  • fixes bug
  • new character: Gambler
  • implement new character: Gambler and a technical battle special boss stage (?)
  • modification and repair items


MEMBER MEMBER (continued) Collaboration Event MEMBER
Princess Punt Swordsman Guard Bicycle Cat (Battle Cats)
Archer Esper Bahamut Cat (Battle cats)
Lancer Assassin Eren (Attack on Titan)
Witch Pirate Levi (Attack on Titan)
Sniper Mechanic ? (Puzzle and Dragons)
Samurai Pilot ? (Puzzle and Dragons)
Cowboy Gunman Ying-Yang Master ? (Puzzle and Dragons)
Enforcer Warrior ? (Puzzle and Dragons)
Wild Boy Clown ? (Divine Gate)
Martial Artist Vampire ? (Divine Gate)
Musician Pastry ? (Divine Gate)
Ninja Phantom Thief
Devil Errand

Princess Punt sweets guide - Puzzle & Dragons Forum



Special BossesEdit


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