Awakens to Astrologer

Mage Origin


PPS Attribute Rock JP Name 魔法使い
Ideal use Beatstick Rarity ★6 Occupation/Type "Mage"
Skill "Meteor Strike"


Summons a meteor shower


Same as TAP TAP ATK (LVL5) 876% overall:

73%x12 (meteors)

TURN ATK (LVL5) 73%x12 (meteors)
Description Basically the Rock attribute version of Archer, with the exception of being more useful in collecting crowns. Mage's attack starts way above its height so it might be useful for attacking under elevation.
Range Weakpoint Priority Air Atk Displacement
2 If hit 0 Yes
Obtained from... Default member, (slot varies), Gold Ticket Slot
Specials none
John Zell Lat Mage Umasuku

Tribus Tengus Jawa666 Monkus Musici

Stormre Ninjus Guardes Espus Assass

Piratesc Scientist 9111 OZbIweT Herules

Jokesterous Campi Patte Pt al Hstsum

Gam Yerald Perfo Crunch Kusudama


Shizuku Mitsu Chitose Arare

Shigure Hina Kurumi

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