Herme's Attractive Resort is a special stage added in 6.1.0, where chips can be gambled in a slot for achievement rewards. It reappeared on 6.3.0, adding new concepts, bet options, and even a Prize Clearinghouse.

  • 1st option before entering is to play the slots
  • 2nd option is the Prize Clearinghouse, where Chips can be exchanged for items.


  1. Indicator: A play costs 2 CP.
  2. Chips accumulated
  3. CP left; refill 1 every 5 min.
  4. Herme; deplete her HP by playing and get Chip bonuses. Higher bets chip away more HP. Reward stakes increase as her level does too.
  5. View lineup multiplier
  6. The Chip betting cap: maximum bet currently is 100 Chips.
  7. Inc/dec. amount of Chips bet on the set digit you put based on the bet cap.
  • Yellow button: Auto plays the slots. You can pause it during the spin, otherwise it will keep playing until CP/Chips run out.
  • Orange button (on 2 and 3): Exchange CP/Chips for a Premium Ticket or using Coins.
  • Top Left: Exit Resort


CP are units that are consumed by 2 each time you play the slot. Depleted of CP will disable you from playing until it recovers to at least 2. The recovery time is 5 min/CP. Capacity can be increased by achievements (+5 each reward; play moar!). It can be filled out by spending 1 Premium Ticket (which ISN'T ideal).

CP capacity can be increased using Premium Tickets (not recommended).


Chips are the units used in this slot. They can be accumulated (through luck) and exchanged for prizes. They can also be accumulated exchanging coins to fill a certain amount (starts at 2000 chips).

Upper refill limit can be purchased using a Premium Ticket (not recommended).

Chip-Coin exchange is 10000 Coins per Chip.

Prize Clearinghouse


  • 2★:2500Chip
  • 3★:12kChip
  • 4★:20kChip
  • 6★ Herme's Attractive Sword (Swordsman):1mChip


  • 3★:12kChip
  • 4★:20kChip


  • 3★:12kChip
  • 4★:20kChip



Gold Ticket:200kChip (1 only)


Queen High Heel (sell for 10m Coins):50kChip (10 only)

Kusudama:500kChip (1 only)
Chibi Herme (Servant):20kChip Herme Figure Craft:50kChip Herme Figure Fragment:2500Chip

Lineup Multipliers

Heel Acorn Flower Bee Jelly Dinocorn Herme Invade
x1 x2 x3 x5 x8 x10 x100 Free Play (100% lineups)