Exploring is an option introduced in 5.7.0. Servants are set to Explore at the selected map and cannot be retrieved until the explore time is up. However, they can still be used in battle. This guide will show you how to make uses of your Servant and explore.

Select the option on the center right on the menu (top left circle). Ex1
On the top left is the Servant selection. Servants you have will appear here. You cannot explore if you don't have a Servant. Ex2
Selecting the top right lets you select which stage you can explore. The higher the stage the more rare items you will get. Additional stage maps can be obtained by exploring a number of times. Ex3
You may select the bottom left to use exploration boosters. It ranges from Explore time reduction, inc. rare, and extra item(s). All of these can be obtained by exploring. Each of them is one time use so use them wisely! Ex4
Bottom right lets you determine how much time the exploration is: 1h, 3h, 9h. A few minutes can be reduced the more your Servant is rare and leveled. During the time of exploration, you cannot cancel the exploration nor change the map or boost. Ex5
Confirm Explore settings once you are done with above steps. Ex6
Your Servant will appear on the stage map you chose. Tapping on it will initiate its victory pose. Don't worry, you an still use your Servant in battle! Ex7
When you see "探索終了" (Search Ended) on the Explore option, that means your Servant has brought you items! Click on the options to see what you get! Now repeat all steps again, as many times as you want! Ex8

Items (Exploring)

These are items that can exclusively be used to boost certain rates during exploration:

  • 10min30min60min(Reduces 10, 30, and 60 minutes respectively from the set Exploration time)
  • Pickax(Increases loot by a certain amount, based on rarity: x2, x3, x4)
  • Flag(Increases chance of rare loot; x2, x3, x4)