Evolved from Sniper

Commander Origin


PPS Attribute Rock JP Name 司令官
Ideal use Beatstick Rarity N/A Occupation/Type "Commander"
Skill "Satellite Shot"


Calls in the Puchirinchi Co. Satellite to vaporize the nearest target


Same as TAP TAP ATK (LVL5) 780%x5 (beam; to 900% for strong hit bonus) TURN ATK (LVL5) 780%x5 (beam; to 900% for strong hit bonus)
Description It looked like Svader got his promotion. He's not only a deadly assassin from this world, but also outside. He can stay as close to an enemy, but they won't suspect an incoming ion beam heading straight at their heads. Enemies too strong because of buffs? Call in the Satellite (guaranteed hit!) Isn't it amusing how he contacts his buddies to fire the Puchirinchi Satellite?
Range Weakpoint Priority Air Atk Displacement
Seek 1 No
Obtained from... Equip a 2+ Sniper Svader with Awakening Radio Alpha/Bravo (覚醒無線アルファ/ブラボー)

Equip your HERO with Awakening Radio Atlas/Titan (覚醒無線アトラス/タイタン)

Specials -Refd

-Attack negates enemy buff effects

-Unaffected by Blind

-Hits are always strong hits (as if it hit the weakpoint)

Awoken Members
Longsword Esper Mistralbow Coffins

Wyvaw Brush




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