Boats are units of the game that move, appear, and disappear around area levels each time you play an area (and level). They frequently yield valuable items and a lot of coins. You cannot retry or fail on boats.

Gold Boats

Gold boats were the first boat units of the game that obviously contained riches. They will always look like this no matter the area level:

  • The higher the area level, the higher the crown and chest HP value.
  • In update 4.0 Platinum Chests were rare to obtain in gold boats. They contain Awakening weapon craft.
  • The gold chest contains heels that give low exp. feed and sell for a fair high price.
  • Tip: Use donut-enhanced Guard to instantly collect most crowns.

Princess Boat

The Princess boat does not appear in the area selection, but rather as an extra to the gold boat. To enter it, you must collect all 99 crowns and open all 5 chests. The crowns in the boat are what it seems to be princess tiaras.

There is a warning prompt that will ask you to spend tickets or leave. This is as follows:

  • First prompt option, from top to bottom: Spend Premium Tickets, Spend Challenge Tickets, Leave.
  • If you choose to spend tickets (ideally Challenge Tickets) these are the prompt options from left to right: pay another ticket (to increase crown value on the boat), decrease pay of tickets (if you increased by 2), Cancel (go back to the first prompt)
  • If you chose to spend tickets, then your objective is to simply collect all the crowns. You won't fail if you don't.
  • Tip: ALWAYS spend Challenge Tickets (middle option, first prompt) if you plan on entering the boat.

Collab Boats

Collab boats are a part of some collab events that gives you a chance to fight enemies relating to the collab, and of course, collect crowns (and chests). Like gold boats, they roam around areas in during the collab.