• Wallbreakingnews

    Hey all,

    As founder of this wiki, I value this site as if it were a brick of fresh gold.  But it's time to give up the greed and obtain some achievements in this world. Starting July 23, my availability will be reduced (no telling how much it will be). If you have any questions, contact any desired Admins. 

    It is normal that the wiki will be un-updated for some time. Please try your best to refer to official JP PPS websites for additional info about events and collabs. 

    To all that I have friended on PPS, I plan to take drastic off-screen time, as it does distract my main priorities. I've made so much valuable progress in the game, but now it's time to stow it away until next time.

    I highly recommend that users on this wiki keep things fresh b…

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  • Wallbreakingnews


    April 7, 2016 by Wallbreakingnews

    Who is that Pokemon

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