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Battle Cat Collab (Reboot)

Battle Cats, a game by PONOS, is a collab featuring several Cats from the Battle Cats series. It gained a reboot around 4.5.0 which added Dragonslayer Raiden and Coppermine Type K.

Collab Members

Tricycle Cat Bahamut Cat Dragonslayer Raiden Coppermine Type κ

Slot (All is ☆6)

  • Kai Type μ's Costume (+10 Plat Box Drop, +60 max)
  • Kuu Type γ's Costume (Crit Rate Up)(760)


  • Battle Cats (standard)
  • Battle Cats Rush!
  • Battle Cats Capsule (treasure stage)


  • On the reboot on this collab, PPS gave away (☆1) Cupid Cat Servant if you downloaded the JP version of Battle Cats and cleared the Princess Punt stage held for an event.
  • In the Battle Cat game series, Bahamut Cat fires only one energy ball and deals huge damage in the game.

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