Hello! This page will tell you how to apply to be a Member (Admin) and functioning members of society! Are you ready to take on responsibility?? You're not here just for pride and power, right?

Members wanted

How to Apply for Membership

  • Your Hero must be Level 300 and up
  • You must attain acceptable amounts of knowledge in the Princess Punt franchise
  • Your history on this site must be clean of wrongdoings
  • You must show correct uses of editing articles on this site consistently. You will not be judged based on the number of edits.
  • (Optional) The Kingdom heeds your name (I mean that people on this wiki favor you as admin).
  • Most importantly, you must demonstrate dedication to tending this wiki in a good fashion.

After you have done all of this, please contact Zephyranthes to request adminship. You will determine the future of this world. That's then. Now. You will be judged (Undertale reference lol).


As a Member, you'll be able to:

  • Bestow/strip the title of "Servant" (Rollback/sysop).
  • Banish invaders to null space and time (block users).
  • Create/Destroy/lock/unlock articles and whathaveyou!!
  • Request the font color and type of your username. You can also get your very own custom 6★ Member icon. Your title doesn't have to be "Member." You could select the name of the available Members in PPS.


  • Encourage others to edit the correct way, not oppress them of editing (by locking articles, for example).
  • Maintain a system of trusts with everyone on this wiki.
  • Make senpai happy

Becoming a Special Boss

  • Hahahahah what
  • If you are truly worthy of becoming a bureaucrat...
  • You have: Unimaginable power. Just don't accidentally block yourself.

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