(L to R) Galette, Ange, Ladurée, Herme

A la Quartet are four recurring mischievous sisters that (up)hold certain events and stages, which give ordeal to the Princess. They're seen together at times, especially in the stage A la Quartet Rush! Otherwise, they're seen as individuals at stages and events. As bosses they are quite dangerous due to having an OHKO attack.

They apparently have a close relationship (even Gungho implies them as "guardians") with the Female Members. Despite they derive from the Quartet, they still join the Princess.

Galette (カレット)

She is the first sister of the Quartet to debut, initially appearing as Invade Battles on Technical Battles on World Areas Rank 10/15. There is a PPS Anniversary version of Galette, who appears in A la Quartet Rush! and other anniversary events. She has an elusive and a mischief nature; hence the Invade.Galette

Hermès (エルメス)

She is the owner of a peculiar casino, Herme's Attractive Resort and occasionally features events relating to slots and gambling. Based on one of her attacks, she seems to be in command of Vampbears that appear in the Bavarois Castle.


Ange (アンジェ)

She is the Quartet sister representing Fancy Goods, thus holds events and stages that have obtainable Fancy Goods for the Princess. Every weekend, the player can visit Ange's Fancy Goods Room and potentially find her in an Invade. She is the only devil of the Quartet holding a trident.


Ladurée (ラデュレ)

She seems to be the leader of the Quartet due to her strong inferno spells she casts. She dwells in the haunted Bavarois Castle, though not seen in the World Area. She is challenged on the event of Challenge from Laduree! Strangely, Chitose's slot machine has a theme based off on her...


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